Shoe Resoling

Your shoes have been nothing but reliable on family vacations and outings with friends. They served you well through those long walks home and helped you run to catch your bus each morning when you were inevitably late for work. Now, it’s time to return the favor by treating your shoes to some brand new soles.

At Sofia Shoe Repair Services, we gladly accept the challenge of repairing even your most worn out pair of shoes. Instead of continuing to ignore the fact that the soles of your favorite shoes are worn, thin, and possibly even falling apart, bring them into our Rochester, NY location. Our expert shoe repair professionals will mend your soles in no time, and at a price that is far lower than what it will cost you to buy replacement shoes at a retail shop.

Using only quality materials combined with workmanship that is unsurpassed anywhere else in Rochester, NY, Sofia Shoe Repair Services will soon have your shoes feeling like new. Visit Sofia Shoe Repair Services today to breathe new life into your soles.