Shoe Dyeing and Recoloring

Instead of searching for a pair of shoes in that perfect shade, let the experts at Sofia Shoe Repair Services dye or recolor your shoes for you. All you have to do is bring in a swatch, produce a photo, or describe the color you are looking for, and we can match nearly any hue or shade you want.

At Sofia Shoe Repair Services, we cater to customers who:

  • need to match shoes to a new dress (bridesmaids, this means you!)
  • believe in making fashion statements
  • want to revitalize old shoes and restore them to their original colors

Regardless of why you need your shoes dyed or recolored, Sofia Shoe Repair Services is here to help. Call today or come in to meet with one of our shoe repair experts, and discover why so many people in the Rochester, NY area continue to choose us for all of their shoe dyeing and recoloring needs.